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Privacy Policy


CASA provides a range of services. This Privacy Policy applies to all our services, however not all aspects of this Policy will necessarily relate to the particular service you are involved in.

If you have any questions about your privacy please contact us at: contact@casa.org.nz

  1. CASA Services
    The Towards Wellbeing Suicide Prevention Programme (TWB) is provided by CASA for Oranga Tamariki. In providing TWB, CASA collects health information through conversations with Oranga Tamariki social workers as well as direct from Oranga Tamariki’s database (known as CYRAS). The health information is collected to help CASA advisors give informed advice and support to Oranga Tamariki social workers about possible suicide risk and protective factors for young people they are working with as well as identifying resources and supports for you and your whanau. TWB advisors do not disclose health information to anyone outside of Oranga Tamariki without specific consent.

    The Community Postvention Response Service (CPRS) is provided by CASA for the Ministry of Health. In providing CPRS, CASA collects health information about individuals who are potentially impacted by a suicide or suspected suicide. This information is collected to help CASA advisors identify and support those individuals impacted to the degree that their own health, wellbeing and safety may be compromised. The minimum amount of health information necessary is collected and disclosed only to those local agencies and services who play a role in reducing the risk to the life or health or wellbeing of identified potentially vulnerable individuals.

    The Coronial Suspected Suicide Data Sharing Service (CDS) is provided by CASA for the Ministry of Health. In providing CDS, CASA collects health information on suspected suicides from Coronial Services New Zealand. CDS makes this information available to preapproved agencies including the Ministry of Health, and to District Health Boards (DHBs). This health information is made available by Coronial Services New Zealand (CSNZ) to support local responses after a death by suicide or suspected suicide.

    Aoake Te Rā - Bereaved by Suicide Service is provided by CASA for the Ministry of Health. CASA is engaging with local communities to provide this free brief service for people needing specific support for bereavement by suicide. The service is a result of ongoing advocacy by many lived experience bereaved by suicide groups, the 2018 Government Mental Health Inquiry, and Tapu te Oranga o ia Tangata: Every Life Matters: Suicide Prevention Strategy 2019–2029. It has been informed by a co-design process at the end of 2019 with stakeholders, lived experience groups, clinical and cultural expertise in suicide prevention and postvention, and recent literature. The minimum amount of health information necessary is collected by CASA and disclosed only to those local agencies and services who will be working alongside the bereaved accessing the service. Information collected by Aoake te Rā Providers will be subject to their Privacy policies.

  2. Applicability of this Privacy Policy
    This Privacy Policy applies to all of the health information which CASA collects about you.

    Personal information is defined in the Privacy Act 2020 as any information about an identifiable individual. Health information is a special class of personal information which is defined in the Health Information Privacy Code 2020 to include information about an individual’s health and medical history and the health services that an individual has received.

    In this Privacy Policy we refer to the health information which CASA collects about you as “Your Health Information”, and it may include some of all of the following:

    i.your details (name, age, address, contact information etc); and
    ii.health information relevant to the support being provided by that service which mayinclude:

    a. demographic information;
    b.family/whanau/hapu/iwi information;
    c.significant relationships/caregivers;
    d.reasons for vulnerability/concern regarding risk;
    e.interventions undertaken;
    f.involvement with health, education or justice services; and
    g.protective factors, strengths, hopes of involved parties

    Your privacy is of critical importance to CASA and if you have any questions or concerns about CASA’s handling of Your Health Information we invite you to contact our Privacy Officer by email: contact@casa.org.nz

  3. Our purposes for using Your Health Information
    a.We use Your Health Information to provide our services which are described above andfurther here: https://www.casa.org.nz/our-work.
    b.Our use may also involve processing of Your Health Information as part of larger data sets forreporting or research relevant to any of the following:

    i.to plan and fund services;
    ii.reporting on our services to Oranga Tamariki or the Ministry of Health
    iii. carry out research and training;
    iv. prepare and publish statistics; and
    v. to improve our services and the related services of other agencies.

  4. Consent
    Due to the nature of our service delivery Your Health Information is predominantly collected from third parties (i.e. people other than you). For some services you may have been informed about our organisation’s role supporting professionals working with you and accessing Your Health Information to do this.

    In other situations Your Health Information may have been collected without your consent if:

    a. we believe that it is necessary for your health, safety or wellbeing; or
    b. we are using Your Health Information only for research or statistical purposes and it will not be published in any way which could reasonably be expected to identify you.

  5. Your Rights
    a. This Privacy Policy sets out CASA’s application of New Zealand privacy law and contains information about CASA’s collection, storage, use and sharing of Your Health Information.
    b. You have a number of rights under the Privacy Act 2020 and the Health Information Privacy Code 2020. Those rights include a right to access Your Health Information, and to have any errors corrected. More information is available from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner: https://www.privacy.org.nz
    c. To the extent that CASA holds any of Your Health Information, you can exercise your rights (including your rights to access and correct Your Health Information) by contacting our Privacy Officer: contact@casa.org.nz
    d. If you wish to make a complaint about our handling of Your Health Information you can make it directly to us by contacting our Privacy Officer contact@casa.org.nz, but you may also complain directly to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. See here for more information: https://www.privacy.org.nz/your-rights/how-to-complain/

  6. How we store Your Health Information
    a. We store Your Health Information securely on encrypted devices with restricted access as well as in Microsoft’s encrypted OneDrive cloud service.
    b. Our services are delivered by contractors who have access to Your Health Information where it relates to the services that they are providing. All of our contractors are bound by the Privacy Act 2020 and (where it applies) the Health Information Privacy Code 2020 and also sign robust confidentiality agreements with us which prohibit the unauthorised use or disclosure of Your Health Information.
    c. We have also agreed to and are subject to strict confidentiality and privacy requirements in our agreements with Oranga Tamariki and Ministry of Health

  7. Collecting Your Health Information
    In the performance of our services we may collect Your Health Information from:

    a. you directly if you provide that information to us including when you contact or interact with us by phone, email, through our website, or otherwise;
    b. professionals involved in your care (such as your social worker or general practitioner);
    c. Oranga Tamariki, the Ministry of Health or other health agencies;
    d. your school or other community body with whom you have a relationship;
    e. Police, ambulance and other emergency response services;
    f. Coronial Services New Zealand;
    g. Ministry of Education;
    h. Ministry of Justice;
    i. Victim Support; and/or
    j. District Health Boards.

  8. Disclosing Your Health Information to others
    In the performance of our services we may disclose Your Health Information to:

    a. our service providers;
    b. our contract staff who are performing our services; and
    c. any of the agencies or types of agency or person listed in Section 7.

  9. Website Usage Statistics
    Some information is automatically collected when you access our website (Website Usage Statistics), including:

    a. your internet protocol (IP) address which can disclose your approximate location. If you send us a message through the Contact Us (casa.org.nz) page on our website, we will associate your IP address with that message in our records.
    b. the pages that IP address accessed on the website and the links clicked on;
    c. the date and time that IP address visited the website;
    d. the referring website (if any) through which that IP address clicked through to this website;
    e. the operating system of that IP address (eg, Windows XP, Mac OSX);
    f. the type of web browser that IP address uses (eg, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox); and
    g. other incidental matters such as screen resolution, the release of the Flash version installed at that IP address and the language setting of that IP address’ browser.

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