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Our People

Our People

We are a team of highly experienced people with clinical and/or lived experience of suicide working in the suicide prevention and postvention space. We specialise in working with agencies and communities to help them best manage suicide risk.

All CASA Clinical Advisors are required to be registered Health Professionals and abide by their professional standards.

Our Resources

Our People
CASA uses a range of resources in their work.  Resources have been developed for whānau, young people, clinical case workers and organisations.  In addition to CASA developed resources, we also draw on the resources developed by our colleagues from other local agencies where appropriate.

Our Work

Our People
CASA has a model of working alongside groups and organisation that acknowledges the strengths both parties bring to the relationship. We bring a broad range of knowledge, skills and experience in the areas of suicide prevention and postvention as well as broader areas of mental health and wellbeing.

Who is CASA?

We are a passionate collaborative team working to improve the wellbeing of individuals, whānau, communities and organisations through the delivery of innovative programmes that are tailored to need and based on research and practice based evidence.

Our Values

Our foundation value is working together for wellbeing underpinned by our core values of partnership, valuing, integrity, responsiveness and transparency.

CASA Logo Kaupapa

The two koru in our logo represent the community and CASA working together.  The three shoots on one of the koru represent the multiple elements of communities; whānau, hapū, iwi; and the inter-generational nature of communities (past, present and future).  The shape of the design was influenced by the fern as a tohu for Aotearoa with the overall design reflecting collaboration/working together and balance.


CASA is a Nationwide Service

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