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The Virtual Hope Box - an app for managing distress

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Apps are a great way to provide additional support for people going through a difficult time.  The Virtual Hope Box is a free app that can be really useful for anyone.

The Virtual Hope Box is an app that was originally developed for military service men and women (and their families) by the US Department of Defense.  It’s available for free for Android and Apple devices and has multiple sections, including games, inspirational quotes, breathing and relaxation recordings, and a space for users to insert their own photos and inspirational words of encouragement.  Essentially it’s like a digital distraction and self-soothe kit.  I’ve got it on my phone and most people I’ve shown it to (and have persuaded to download it) really like it.  It’s totally pick & mix, and there are lots of ways to personalise it. 

Here’s where you can get it (for free):



Here's more info about it:


- Emily Cooney, Clinical Advisor for Towards Wellbeing

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