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Self-soothe kits: wise words from a young person

Self Soothe Kits

A self-soothe kit is a great tool that can provide relief in moments of distress. To make one, you put together a collection of items that each function to soothe the five senses (smell, hearing, taste, touch, and sight) in some way. You can then turn to these items before, after, or during stressful events to help yourself calm down and feel better.

For example, mine includes: scented soaps and candles for nice smells, my headphones so I can listen to music, some peppermint gum to chew, a soft blanket for wrapping around myself, and a book containing pictures of amazing places around the world that I enjoy looking through. It doesn't have to be a physical kit either - most things can be replicated digitally when you need it while you're on the move, like scrolling through old photos on your phone or looking up sounds on YouTube. I use my self soothe kit most often when I'm upset with people or feeling anxious about doing something. I've found it to be a small thing that has made a massive difference to my mental health.

- Anonymous Young Person



1. Smell icon produced by Takao Umehara and can be found here https://thenounproject.com/term/smell/20407/

2. Tast icon produced by Iacopo Neri and can be found here https://thenounproject.com/term/taste/217249/

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