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Making sense of it: supporting whānau to support rangatahi who self-harm

Making sense of it: supporting whānau to support rangatahi who self-harm

Supporting a rangatahi that is suicidal or who self-harms can feel really overwhelming. It can be hard to find resources that seem right for your situation and sometimes messages about what you need to do can be mixed.

Three CASA team members (Brooke Brake, Linda Bowden & Liesje Donkin) are involved in a project that is hoping to find a way to better support whānau of rangatahi who self-harm. The project in currently underway and is interviewing whānau and caregivers, rangatahi, and people who support rangatahi in the community to find out what their needs are and what has been helpful.  When the interviews are finished, the project will move to a design phase where the resource will be developed with whānau and rangatahi to ensure that it is meaningful and useful.

When the project is developed, it will be available for anyone to be able to use and will be available on the CASA website.

If you would like to participate in the study, want to know more about the study, or know someone who might want to participate in the study click here 

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Tags: self-harm; self harm; suicidal; suicidality; rangatahi; youth; young people; whānau

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